OSCAR Saxelby-Lee's family say they want people to keep fundraising, so they can help other children with cancer.

Oscar’s parents, Olivia Saxelby and Jamie Lee, described themselves as bowled over by the public’s response to their crowdfunder - which was standing at £590,000 yesterday.

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The family say they will now cap the money that will go towards Oscar’s treatment for T-Cell Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia at £600,000, with this amount ringfenced for that use by the Grace Kelly Childhood Cancer Trust.

But they don’t want people to stop giving, saying generous donations can still be made to the virgin money fundraising page via the Trust's website with any extra cash to be used by the trust for research into Oscar’s type of cancer.

A separate fundraising page has been launched, justgiving.com/crowdfunding/handinhandforoscarsaxelby-lee, for anyone who wants to continue supporting the family financially.

Oscar’s parents said: “We have been completely bowled over by the generosity that everyone has showed us the whole way through this journey. “It really is so much more than we dared hope for and we know more is coming in because of you. We have made the joint decision with the Grace Kelly Childhood Cancer Trust that any funds donated for Oscar up to £600,000 will be ringfenced. This is what we need to fund the Car-T cell treatment and to have some contingency if his recovery was a little more prolonged.

“We are so grateful to the people of Worcestershire and beyond for making this possible. Please do not stop fundraising. We want Oscar’s story to help other children too. What we would love is to have enough funds that we can fund a piece of research into Oscar’s type of cancer in his name so he can help the many others that may find themselves in a similar situation. Alternatively, if you would like to help support us as a family with any other costs we face along the way, you can donate to our crowdfunding page. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for everything you have done. Each of you have in some way brightened up Oscar’s future.”

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Jen Kelly, founder of the Grace Kelly Childhood Cancer Trust, said: “It has been absolutely incredible to see how people have come together to fundraise for Oscar. When we offered to help, we could not have imagined just how much people would get behind Oscar’s campaign. As part of a joint decision with Oscar’s parents, we have decided to cap the amount raised for Oscar’s use at £600,000. Any amount raised over this, Oscar’s parents have asked that they be used by the Grace Kelly Childhood Cancer Trust to fund research into childhood cancers, and if possible, Oscar’s particular cancer type or to provide support to families in a similar situation.

"Of the £600,000 raised for Oscar, the charity has taken no cut at all so it is wonderful that these extra funds that Oscar raises can be used to help other families too. We would like to thank Oscar’s parents for continuing to want to raise awareness and help other families even during one of the most difficult times imaginable.”

“Please do keep fundraising in Oscar’s name as it would be wonderful if he is able to help other children as well. We truly hope that Oscar responds well to treatment and that he goes from strength to strength. Thank you again Worcestershire, you are truly amazing."