A SCHOOL in Wolverley is inviting others to come and use its 40 acres of mixed woodland.

Heathfield Knoll’s teaching assistant Sam Jaunzems has recently passed his level three Forest School and, after one year of practical training and coursework, is fully qualified to lead Forest School sessions.

Pupils from pre-school to year six at Heathfield Knoll will benefit from Mr Jaunzems' new qualification, but schools in the local area can too.

The school is inviting local primary schools to share the space to help create stronger links within the community.

Forest School helps pupils use tools which encourages hand-eye coordination.

It also promotes teamwork and lets pupils explore the natural environment around them by taking risks, but in a safe environment.

The Forest School ethos is based on developing self-esteem, confidence, independence and responsibility in pupils of all ages and ability.

Forest School at Heathfield Knoll takes advantage of 40 acres of field and woodland.

It starts at First Steps Day Nursery and continues into pre-school where Mr Jaunzems takes pupils each week to explore their natural surroundings.

As pupils progress from pre-school up to year six, they are given more freedom and responsibility in Forest School, from using tools to cooking marshmallows and lighting fires.

For more information about the Forest School, contact info@hkschool.org.uk or 01562 850204.