A HEREFORD couple will celebrate 60 years of marriage with a small family event, not wanting to make a big fuss.

Bob and Gill Doody first met in Hereford in the 1950s, despite neither originally coming from the city.

Mr Doody, from Shrewsbury, moved to Hereford with his mother and met his wife-to-be Gill.

The pair married in St James’s Church on Green Street on September 19, 1959, before moving to Marden.

While living in the village, Mrs Doody, who moved across the border into Hereford with her grandparents, ran a hairdressers while her husband spent time involved in football in the county.

Ian, one of the couple’s two children, said his father has met a wide-variety of people in the football circle and is still highly-regarded.

“Dad has been closely linked with football in the county, right through from Sutton United to Westfields where he was chairman,” he added.

“He was a player, coach and official, and now he’s now an honourary member of the Herefordshire Football Association.”

From Marden, they moved to Staunton-on-Wye and ran the post office and general stores.

Bob, now 82, was the postmaster and the pair have kept in contact with many friends they made in the villages.

They make up what Ian called a good network of friends that his parents have got in Hereford and across the county.

Bob was secretary of the Herefordshire Football Association for a spell in the 1980s, and is still an active supporter of Westfields.

Bob and Gill’s other child, Sally, has two children and will hold a small family celebration to celebrate the milestone Diamond wedding anniversary on Sunday.