Hereford businessman Stan Austin, who died in February last year, was a community stalwart, and he now has not one but three memorial park benches in a row on Castle Green to remind future generations of his contribution to city life.

Stan, a bachelor, founded Kings Radio in 1958, selling both televisions and radios.

When he died, aged 85, he left £20,000 each to the charities funds of Hereford Rotary Club and Hereford Lions Club charities, of which he was a long-serving member of both.

He also left money to Herefordshire Multiple Sclerosis Society in gratitude for the support given to his nephew Dave Mason, who died aged 31

The three organisations each sponsored a memorial replica of the original Edwardian-style iron benches crafted by a local blacksmith, a Friends of the Castle Green project to replace the existing plastic type benches.

Pictured on one of the benches are, from left, Katie Farmer, president of the city Rotary Club; George Thomas, president of Lions Club; Pat Prosser, Stan’s niece and Ellen Fone, secretary of the county branch of the MS Society.

Pat Prosser said: “The family are delighted that his standing in the community has been recognised and we hope the benches become a place where people can sit and reflect, particularly those who remember Stan and the good times shared with him.”

Families wanting to sponsor a bench in memory of a loved one can contact:

Photo: Derek Foxton

Insert photo: Stan Austin