FIFTEEN fire crews battled a fierce blaze in Leominster yesterday at a large warehouse, and the site remains "very dangerous".

Hereford & Worcester Fire and Rescue Service have said the cause of the fire was accidental, and crews are still on scene to damp down the remains of the building.

At its height late on Wednesday afternoon, nine fire engines and the aerial ladder platform helped tackle the blaze. This was scaled down around midnight, when three relief crews remained.

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This morning, crews from two pumps and the aerial ladder platform remain to inspect the damage and extinguish any continuing hotspots.

Group Commander Stu Crebbin of HWFRS said: “The aerial ladder platform allows us to view the building from 30 metres in the air, so we can carefully monitor progress.

"The site remains very dangerous with a partial roof collapse and unknown possible hazards in the building materials.

“Turning over of debris and damping down of what remains of the building will continue for most of today.”

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West Midlands Ambulance Service were called to the scene shortly after 3pm, and sent the Midlands Air Ambulance, an ambulance and paramedic officer.

They treated one patient for minor injuries and he was dishcarged at the scene.