TINA Cole is a poet with a love of verse.

Unfortunately, expression in verse has been in danger of becoming a lost art.

But Ms Cole was determined to try and change this.

Therefore, she had been behind an annual poetry competition that has been running for several years in Tenbury.

Children and young people from schools in and around the town have been encouraged to write poems and enter them in a competition.

This year there have been more than 250 entries and Ms Cole says that the standard of work has been impressive.

Every year the winners and those taking part are celebrated at a prize giving at the Regal.

This happened last week when the Mayor of Tenbury Eric Hudson was on hand to congratulate the young poets in front of proud parents.

The young people did not find out until the evening if they had won. There was a first prize of £75, a second prize of £50 and a third of £25. A highly commended award brought with it a book token. Later in the year, a collection of poems will be published including the winners and the best of the rest. This will give the young people a chance to see their work in print.