POPPY and Oliver have become the new most popular names for babies born in Bromsgrove.

Office for National Statistics (ONS) figures show that 11 Bromsgrove newborns were given the name Poppy last year – making it an even more popular girl's name than previous top rankers Grace and Isla.

Meanwhile, 15 Bromsgrove boys were called Oliver in 2018, the same number as Harry the year before.

The 641 babies who were called Muhammad across the West Midlands meant it was the most popular boys' name throughout the region, beating George and Oliver to top spot.

Olivia was the top West Midlands girls' name – 455 newborns were handed the moniker by their parents, pushing it to the top of the list, ahead of Amelia and Ava.

Nationally, Oliver remained the most popular name for boys in England and Wales for the sixth year in a row, ahead of George and Harry.

Olivia topped the girls’ list for the third year in succession, with Amelia and Ava in second and third respectively.

The top girls' names across the West Midlands in 2018 were:

1) Olivia: 455

2) Amelia: 413

3) Ava: 350

4) Isla: 295

5) Grace: 236

6) Ella: 227

6) Lily: 227

8) Mia: 216

8) Poppy: 216

10) Emily: 207

The top boys' names across the West Midlands in 2018 were:

1) Muhammad: 641

2) George: 516

3) Oliver: 482

4) Harry: 439

5) Noah: 414

6) Mohammed: 406

7) Leo: 376

8) Jack: 347

9) Oscar: 343

10) Charlie: 336