LONG standing Bromsgrove councillor Chris Bloore has resigned.

Cllr Bloore, who represented Bromsgrove South, made the announcement this morning (Thursday, September 12) saying he was moving to Canada.

Cllr Bloore, who was chairman of the council’s important overview and scrutiny board, was first elected in 2013.

Cllr Bloore also represented Sidemoor ward on Bromsgrove District Council between 2011 and 2019.

Announcing the shock move he said: "This morning I tendered my resignation as the Labour councillor for Bromsgrove South.

"It has been an honour and a privilege to represent my local community, but more so to work with the inspirational people that make up our clubs, schools, charities and associations that make Aston Fields, Breme Park, Charford, Rock Hill and the Stokes the welcoming communities that they are.

"I’m leaving my position because my wife Charlotte and I have been offered the opportunity to work and live in Toronto, Canada. It’s been an agonising decision, but I know it’s the right one for me and Charlotte.

"I am sad to be leaving an incredible community with so many amazing people. It’s easy to become despondent with politics, but in my division I’ve worked with inspiring head teachers, school governors, the entire staff at ‘the Pod’ (formerly the Starlight Café), Meadow Park FC, BDHT, community organisations such as ‘Keep Bromsgrove Beautiful’ and council officers who have moved heaven and earth to help facilitate improvements in my community."

He admitted: "I can’t pretend it’s been an easy experience, being in opposition; watching helplessly as our children’s services go into special measures then to be outsourced, our transport network decimated and a significant roll back of council services that supported the most vulnerable because of cuts have made the lives of people I’ve represented unnecessarily harder.

"But there have been some real positives. Helping to raise funds and open the new ‘Shac community centre’ with BDHT, putting on computer lessons at the Starlight Café and providing clothes and help to get young people into work, helping to build the library at Charford First School, ensuring the investment of £30,000 into the active kitchen program (ensuring young people get a hot meal over the holidays), adopting road and lowering speed limits and helping to support Worcestershire Pride have all taken time but all have been worth the sweat and tears.

"I still believe in politics, probably more in the people I have met and worked with than I do in the way our democratic structures work. 

"There is far too much power in the hands of the cabinet, especially in local government, which often means councillors are effectively bypassed and communities ignored. Nevertheless, there is still scope for councillors to make a difference and I’ve been proud to work alongside a Labour group that’s always spoken up to protect services, never voted to make people poorer and constantly held the executive to account."