A MUSLIM cemetery has finally asked for planning permission 14 years after opening before asking for a major 785-plot extension.

Worcester Muslim Cemetery has retrospectively asked for permission to build the cemetery despite it, according to the planning application, opening in 2005 without the consent of Worcester City Council.

Several hundred plots, a new pavilion and a peace garden would all be built at Worcester Muslim Cemetery located off John Comyn Drive, if the new plans for expansion are backed.

Applicant Councillor Allah Ditta, the mayor of Worcester, said the cemetery needed to be expanded “urgently” as it was already at full capacity.

He said: “The community is growing by the day so we need to make sure everything is sustainable.

“There is a bit of land at the back of the cemetery that could be put to very good use.”

Cllr Ditta could not provide an explanation as to why the cemetery had never gained planning permission.

Trees and hedgerows on the site would be kept where possible and a pond would be restored as a tranquil focal point for prayer and contemplation adjacent to a new pavilion and garden.

A new building at the entrance off John Comyn Drive would also be built to house a small office, mortuary, toilets and a washing area.

Several shelters would also be built throughout the cemetery for visitors during bad weather.

The cemetery would be extended in three phases, if the plans are approved.

The first phase would see 172 burial plots built as well as the main building at the cemetery’s entrance and pavilion.

The second phase to the north of the site would see a further 388 burial plots built before a third phase of 275 plots are built.

The extension would be built on overgrown scrub land which borders Droitwich Road allotments and Perdiswell golf course.