WEST WORCESTERSHIRE MP Harriett Baldwin voted against requiring the Government to extend the Brexit leaving date.

The MP, whose constituency includes Tenbury, rejected proposals for a further extension to the process of leaving the European Union.

Proposals debated in the House of Commons mean that MPs voted to force the Government to further extend Brexit to next January.

MPs returned to the House of Commons this week and the Speaker agreed to allow a motion giving the MPs the chance to debate and vote on draft legislation which could extend the leaving date to January 31 unless MPs had approved a new deal, or voted in favour of a no-deal exit, by October 19.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson had said that if the motion passed, he may call for a vote to hold a General Election next month.

“I don’t support any further extension to the Brexit process,” said Mrs Baldwin.

“A majority of British people – and a majority of people in West Worcestershire - voted to leave in 2016, and it is my desire to see this democratic process respected.

“Most of all, I want all MPs to support a deal and I don’t want to see our negotiators hands’ tied by ruling out a no-deal altogether.

“I won’t be voting for the measures if they are introduced by the Opposition MPs and I hope that we are swiftly able to continue making progress towards a deal with the European Union to leave in an orderly way,” said the MP before the vote.

Mrs Baldwin has said that the issue of membership of the European Union has been a highly contentious issue that has caused great division.

During the 2016 Referendum Mrs Baldwin campaigned to Remain in the European Union saying that to leave would be damaging to the economy and security.

However, after the result became known she said that the outcome should be honoured, and the UK should leave the European Union.

At the end of last year and in the spring and summer of this, she consistently supported the then Prime Minister Theresa May.

Mrs Baldwin was a member of the Government, serving in the Treasury as City Minister before replacing neighbouring MP Philip Dunne as Minister for Defence Procurement.

She was a Minister for Africa when she was sacked by Boris Johnson.

Conservative MPs have been threatened with de-selection if they did not support the Government.