THE success of this year’s inaugural Malvern Pride is something to celebrate.

Like its counterpart in Worcester hundreds flocked to celebrate diversity in a spirit of tolerance and fun.

As Zac Fores points out in today’s article, as Malvern is seen a as a conservative town, there was a fear not many people would turn up but those fears were unfounded.

We keep hearing that our society is becoming more intolerant and xenophobic but events like this and the Worcester Food Festival this weekend, show this not necessarily to be the case.

Everything was on offer from Mexican, Thai, Greek to traditional British food.

As I walked around the festival on Saturday there were revellers adorned in Spanish flags and visitors from the US, Mexico, Portugal, Italy and Argentina enjoying the culinary delights on offer - and those were just those I spoke to.

The unseasonal weather failed to dampen the spirits of those enjoying these two events. People of all creeds, colour and sexuality coming together to celebrate life - long may gatherings like these continue.