A MOTHER from north Herefordshire was told less than two weeks before her son was due to go on school trip that he wasn't allowed to travel.

Rachel Robbins' son has autism so requires additional needs while at school, but she said she was told by Earl Mortimer College in Leominster that they didn't have the staff to look after him on the trip to France.

Miss Robbins said year 8 pupil Jensen is over-achieving at school in six or seven areas, although sometimes he does suffer with what she calls 'meltdowns', where he gets emotional and often starts shouting at teachers or peers.

She said: "He's struggling emotionally, no self-esteem or friends outside of school, but they're still excluding him. The trip was secured in July last year."

"In April we got an email from the lady organising the trip who was worried about management, but it wasn't a no yet. We were asked if we, his parents, could go but he wants independence so I said no.

"The one teacher who does now him and how to manage his behaviour now isn't going, we were told at a meeting.

"The reason the gave to me is they've not got the staff to support him. They've said it to me, Jensen's dad and others."

Miss Robbins was concerned about how she would break the news to her son, but said she chose Earl Mortimer because she thought they supported children with special educational needs well.

The secondary school refused to comment, but on their website say staff working closely to 'ensure students with additional educational needs feel fully included in the school community.'

It took Miss Robbins a few days to tell her son he wouldn't be going on the trip to Normandy because he had been looking forward to it. She said Jensen was low in mood and didn't want to make it any worse.