RESIDENTS are being told not to buy televisions from the back of vans.

The warning comes from police after an incident at Hopwood Motorway Services yesterday, December 12.

A man in a dark blue Renault Van was offering televisions for sale to random motorists.

A police spokesman said: "People are being scammed into buying televisions at reduced prices from vans around the district.

"The fraudsters operate on public car parks offering flat screen televisions at reduced prices claiming that they are ex-display models, or shop returns.

"The reality is the televisions are scrap and do not work. They come heavily wrapped in plastic or original looking boxes, which do not give the buyer the opportunity to check the TV at the time. When the buyer gets them home they find the TV does not work or the screen is damaged."

They added: "Remember the old saying, 'If it looks to good to be true, then it probably is'."

Anyone who see anyone selling televisions suspiciously from the back of a van is being urged to dial 101 and contact the police.