TELEPHONE fraudsters impersonating the police are operating in Worcestershire.

West Mercia Police have seen a recent rise in fraudsters claiming to be from police services around the country.

The force is urging the public to trust their instincts and ensure friends, relatives, and neighbours are aware of the dangers - particularly the elderly.

Detective Inspector Emma Wright, head of West Mercia Police's Economic Crime Unit, said: "Don't trust anyone who calls you about your bank details. "Always hang up and wait 10 minutes, or use another telephone line, to ensure the call has disconnected before making another call.

"The scams are elaborate, very convincing and cruel. If you think someone is trying to defraud you, tell someone straight away. Don't be pressured.

"Give yourself time to stop and think.

"Please remember the police will never contact you asking for your bank card, bank details, cash or valuables.

"If someone does, it's a scam - provide no details and hand nothing over, hang up and report it immediately to Action Fraud at or 0300 123 2040."