British customers have been left gutted after being informed by confectionary firm Nestle that Polo Fruits and Polo Gummies would be axed by the brand.

Speaking on X, formally known as Twitter, the company said: "Sorry to have to give you disappointing news, unfortunately, Polo Fruits and Polo gummies has been discontinued from our range."

While disheartened fans began demanding that the sweets be returned to UK shelves, other social media users became concerned that other popular products like the spearmint Polo had also been discontinued.

One anxious user asked the brand: "Hey Nestle, I haven't been able to find spearmint polos in ages.

"Please tell me you didn't do to them what you did to the fruit ones and the (short-lived but I loved them) gummy ones?"

Nestle replied to this, saying: "Unfortunately, our Polo Fruits and Polo Gummies were not as popular as others in the range and have been discontinued. But we'll surely let the team know you'd like to see them back."

Nestle axes Caramac bar in 'sad day' for chocolate lovers across the UK

This comes after the company took the "difficult decision" to axe the Caramac bar due to low sales figures for the chocolate.

The bar, which was popular with sweet lovers across the country, derived its name from the syllabic abbreviation of caramel and Mackintosh's (the firm that originally manufactured it).

Redditch Advertiser: The Caramac bar was also axed by Nestle (Nestle/PA)The Caramac bar was also axed by Nestle (Nestle/PA) (Image: PA)

The Sun reports that it was actually a bakery that broke the news with Paula of Pastel Bakery calling it a "sad day".

She said: “So it’s a sad day, it’s official, there will be no more Caramac bars off the production line, it’s been cancelled so I bought as many boxes as I could! 

“They should last a while (I hope) but once they are gone, there will be no more Caramac eclairs! And no Caramilk or Milkybar gold are not the same!!!  #dontcancelmycaramac.”

This post went viral with millions of fans of the chocolate bar interacting with the Facebook post.