Saturday’s papers are filled with the death of a policeman and more machinations before Brexit.

The Sun, the Daily Express and the Daily Mail  all lead with the death of police officer Andrew Harper, who was killed just days before he was due to go on his honeymoon with wife Lissie.

The Guardian also reports on the officer’s death, and also says that “hopes” are fading over a parliamentary coalition to block a no-deal Brexit.

The police officer’s death is also on the front of The Daily Telegraph, with Tory elder Kenneth Clarke’s willingness to lead a cross-party emergency government also prominently placed.

The Times also notes the death, and reports on Chancellor Sajid Javid’s plan to “shake up” stamp duty by making sellers pay the tax.

Rupert Hogg’s departure as chief executive of Cathay Pacific amid ongoing protests in Hong Kong leads the Financial Times, which also reports Greenland is not interested in being bought by the United States.