THE owners of a dog found in an appalling state should never keep pets again, says Worcestershire’s Animal Welfare Warden.

Bosley, a stray boxer was picked up in the Bromsgrove area by a member of the public who was distressed by the dog’s condition.

He was very thin, filthy, his tail had been bitten down to the bone and there were bite wounds around his back end and scabs and cuts all over his body.

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Worcestershire Regulatory Services’ Dog Wardens collected him and took him to the vets for immediate treatment where he stayed a week.

Dog Warden and Animal Welfare Officer Pip Singleton, said: “I know I am like a broken record when I say I cannot comprehend this level of cruelty, and yet it is still happening.

“How Bosley’s owners could watch him suffer, in such pain, without seeking medical help, is beyond me. He is frightened and scared of everything but with the right rescue will be a bright and beautiful creature. He didn’t deserve such cruelty.”

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Pip wants residents to be on the look out for neglected pets and wants to raise awareness about the help and support which is available if people can’t look after their pet.

She added: “Please give a great deal of thought before buying a pet because they do need love, care and attention and food and vets’ bills shouldn’t come as a surprise.

“If you are beginning to struggle, let us know early on so we can intervene and offer help before the situation gets out of control and more dogs suffer unnecessary cruelty like Bosley.”

People can call the dog warden team on 01905 822799.