A good giggle is sometimes the only thing that gets you through the day.

The only problem is that humour normally has an edge to it. This sometimes means you have to tone it down a bit at work.

But some of the best leaders have a sharp sense of humour. Just look at Winston Churchill:

"History will be kind to me for I intend to write it."

Soften the blow of bad news

Now don’t start cracking jokes when you announce redundancies…this won’t go down well.

But if for smaller crises, such as the loss of a contract, you need somebody to say, “Worse things happen at sea,” so that you can all move on.

You laugh instead of cry

Being able to see the funny side of a bad situation is a great reliever of tension. It helps you, and those around you, relax, focus and look at the situation more clearly.

Bond with employees

The belligerent boss is a thing of the past. Being humble and human is now very Vogue. A good sense of humour will endear you to employees and clients. It’ll also put them at ease, meaning you can get the best out of them, not guarded responses.

You’re taken more seriously

Ironically, those who take themselves too seriously are taken less seriously by others. 

Improve team spirit

Ever visited a library? You must have. Some are so quiet and tense that you’re afraid to breathe too loudly.

Nobody wants to work in a place like this. Allow employees to have a bit of banter with each other and you – it’ll help create a spirit of camaraderie. One where employees root for each other and you.

A few words of warning, though…

1. Pick and choose your audiences
2. Avoid laughing at someone.
3. Employees like you better when you laugh at yourself…
4. Avoid cheesy jokes, unless they’re tongue in cheek.
5. Try to see the funny side of pressured situations….not always easy!
6. Be careful with clients and those higher up than you

This article is from Tirebuck Recruitment, one of the Recruitment Companies in Solihull.