Channel  4’s new show, Benefit Street, is talk of the town. Everyone’s got an opinion.

Issues of misrepresentation and condoning crime have both been raised (loudly and angrily). Many, however, have been loftily berating those who live off welfare payments.

So, we’re feeling pretty sorry for the genuine job seekers living on James Turner Street. Their address alone is going to be a big black mark on their CV, which, if the show was anything to go by, were a little bare anyway. How on earth will they find work now? 

Well – here are some job seeking tips we've got for them.

Don’t rely on your CV

Simply handing in your CV isn’t always enough, especially if you haven’t had many jobs before.
Try calling the recruiter, to see if they’ve received your CV or application form. It will give you the chance to humanise yourself, and show your genuine interest and enthusiasm in the role.

Target people who aren’t advertising vacancies

You can simply walk into some workplaces to see if there are any jobs available. Ask at your local supermarket; target factories and warehouses; work your way through industrial parks and trading estates – you might just get lucky.

Remember, if somebody is looking for a new worker and you turn up at the right time, it will be easier for them to hire you then and there than go through the whole recruitment process.

Ask for advice

Firstly, humans are altruistic by nature. If you ask somebody for help, they’ll feel good if they can assist you. It’s a great way of building a relationship with whoever you’d like to work for.

Secondly, employers aren’t expecting you to know everything. If there’s one thing that most employers appreciate, it’s a good listener who is willing to learn. Asking for help can reflect well on you. 

Go through an agency

They will be able to help you put some of your strengths onto your CV, they will also be able to put you up for roles that are not being advertised to the general public.

Start small

You can't expect to walk into your dream job straight away, so you have to start small, just to get some experience. 

If, your CV isn't as full as you'd like, try starting out with a part time job. It's a cliche, but people seeking part time employment are often still in education. So people who employ them, aren't expecting them to come with bags of work experience.

Think positive

If you’ve been unemployed for a while, your confidence takes a kicking. It’s easy to feel like you won’t succeed in a job.

Remember, everyone has to start somewhere. Also, every job is different, no mater how strong somebody’s CV is, they’ll need to go through the same training programme as you. You are NOT disadvantaged. You CAN do it.

Good luck with your job search!

This article is written by Tirebuck Recruitment, a Solihull Recruitment Agency. If you need help finding work, you will find lots of support from them.