A recent Facebook update has renewed concerns that recruiters will be using the social network to screen job seekers.

Previously, users were able to hide themselves from Facebook search results, but a recent update has removed this privacy feature.

Facebook explains the update with the claim that people who were unable to find users they knew to exist, believed the site’s search function was broken. This, reflects badly on them.

Additionally, Facebook argues that the privacy feature gave users a false sense of security. Strangers would still be able to find their way onto a user’s profile by clicking their name when it appeared on a mutual friend’s page, post or picture.

It is for this reason that many Facebook users go as far as to deactivate their profile every time they log out of Facebook, and activate it again when they log back in. This way, people can only view their page when they are logged in.

The explanations given are sound and difficult to argue with. However, surely it would make more sense to implement more advanced privacy features, rather than simply removing existing ones.

I, for one, will spend more time stressing the need to be sparse with the information you share on Facebook.

By Tirebuck Recruitment, one of your local job agencies, Solihull based. Tirebuck Recruitment specialises in sourcing office staff.