“£300m a year and Britain's third most lucrative festival after Christmas and Easter,” The Daily Mail reported in 2012.

Halloween has always been big business in the US, but now we Brits are following suit. 

In 2001, we spent a meagre 12m, but Planet Recruit has predicted that we will be splashing out £315-325 million this year, despite the recession.

Sophie Carroll, associate analyst at Planet Retail, explains the sudden spending surge, “the British passion for Halloween remains fuelled by US cultural influences, with the popularity of TV shows such as The Walking Dead and the Twilight movie franchise,”

And it’s not all about splashing out on sweets and shelling out for costumes. The British interest in Halloween is as much cultural as it is gimmicky. 

Publishers Bloomsbury has been re-releasing the works of Dennis Wheatley, who is now a byword for occult fiction.

Even with the Christmas looming ‘round the corner, retailers everywhere will be stocking up their shops with paranormal paraphernalia this year – can you imagine the employment opportunities that will be created?

By Tirebuck Recruitment. Tirebuck is a Solihull job agency in Knowle, specialising in finding accountants and other financial sector employees.