Recent research has shown that 1 in 5 job seekers lie on their CV if it means impressing a future boss.

While these statistics are high, it’s hardly surprising given that so many candidates compete for each job. In the meantime, everything from fuel and food to house prices is rising.

The pressure is on to find work.

Even worse, is the knowledge that others are creatively editing their CVs; how can an honest one compete?

Then of course, there’s a prevailing belief that it doesn’t hurt to claim to have the desired skills you’re lacking. After all, if you secure the role you’ve fibbed for, you can always learn a few skills before they start…right?

Actually, there are some serious ramifications for those found to have fudged facts on their CVs, and for those who employ them.

When people claim to have more experience and skills than they have, they can be given more responsibility than they can handle.

Additionally, if people lie about their experience, what’s to say they won’t be equally dishonest in other areas of business?

For the candidate specifically, if their lies are discovered, they have committed a criminal offence, and are even less likely to land the role.

There’s really no need to lie on your CV; you can make yourself stand out in a number of ways by looking at your CVs layout, its wording and even the way you approach employers.

If there are some facts you’d rather not disclose (such as reason for leaving previous role), just don’t mention them – you don’t have to tell porkies.

By Tirebuck Recruitment your local job agency that specialises in executive recruitment in Solihull