A NETWORK of local groups, including Friends of the Earth, Christian Aid and Transition Town Redditch have organised ‘Rio comes to Redditch’ to connect local environmental action with this month’s international Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

The event takes place this Friday, June 15 at 7pm in Redditch’s Ecumenical Centre and will include several short environmental films, with discussions and a chance to browse stalls and drink local apple juice.

It is part of the Rio Connection, a co-ordinated campaign to mark 20 years since the original Rio Earth Summit.

The Rio Connection will see hundreds of local people organising Rio-themed events during the week of the UN Conference, June 16-22.

The first Earth Summit in Rio adopted an agenda for development and environment in the 21st century which has guided international and national processes on sustainable development for the last 20 years.

Redditch activists have invited Karen Lumley MP to attend the film evening and will connect with the Rio+20 conference by calling on her to push the UK government to take a lead at a local, national and international level.

They have also asked her to support the ‘Rio Declaration’, which demands that commitments to the UK Climate Act are upheld while international action is taken to help the world’s poorest communities adapt to climate change, invest in clean energy and protect the rainforests.

As well as screening environmental films, the ‘Rio comes to Redditch’ event will provide an opportunity for people to find out about local groups like Transition Town, and how to get involved in practical activities that work towards a sustainable community.