AFTER 140 years of serving the community, a Redditch church is to be shut.

The church commissioners have confirmed that St George’s Church can be closed in line with the view of the church councils of the parish.

The commissioners considered a number of submissions for and against the closure of the church before agreeing with the Bishop of Worcester’s proposals to put into effect the parish request, which had also been supported by deanery and diocesan committees.

In a letter to Bishop John, commissioners said they were satisfied there was capacity within the Holy Trinity Team Ministry to “meet the pastoral and spiritual needs of the district of St George’s without the need to maintain a separate building”.

These plans will not affect the Garden of Remembrance, which will still be maintained by the Parochial Church Council. Public access to graves and memorials will also continue.

Trinity Parish rector, Canon David Rogers, said: “St George's Church has made a significant contribution to the lives of many in Redditch over the past 140 years.

“Sadly there are now too few members attending regularly to carry on the responsibility of ministry and maintenance. With another Anglican church only half a mile away, the wider parish has to concentrate its available resources where there are better prospects of success.

“We will want to carry something of the St George's worship tradition into other services around the parish. The remaining members of St George's congregation will find the welcome-mat ready at whichever of our churches they look to find a home.”

Bishop John said: “St George's has given so much to the people of Redditch and I give thanks for 140 years of faithful witness and service.

“Though the church commissioners have confirmed that, in line with the wish of the church councils of the parish, the church itself should be closed, I hope and pray the witness and ministry will go on, albeit centred on other nearby churches in the parish.”