A FASCINATING book has just been published which shows just how dramatically the landscape of Redditch has changed over the last 100 years.

Redditch Through Time, by Ray Jones, is a stunning collection or nearly 200 illustrations, postcards and photographs which highlights just how much the town has changed.

Redditch is historically known because of the success of its needle, fishing tackle and cycle factories. Most of these factories have been demolished. This has been coupled with the massive urban transformation undergone by Redditch, largely as a result of its designation at a New Town in 1964.

Many historic houses and roads have disappeared and, the author believes, much of the old charm of Redditch has been lost as a result.

Mr Jones said: “Hopefully this book will provoke more thought about the importance of careful preservation in ensuring that an industrial town forges a modern identity that is well rooted in the past.

“Redditch could have been considerably enhanced by more perceptive planning that more visibly incorporated the important legacy of the old town of Redditch.”

He added: “The town continues to struggle to find a vibrant and fresh identity and still tends to be regarded as principally a dormitory town for the nearby Birmingham conurbation.”

The author, Mr Jones, is a local businessman and historian who was born in Worcester. He obtained a BA in geography and has written and published several books about Worcester and the surrounding area.

For more information, or to buy a copy of Redditch Through Time, priced £14.99, e-mail orders@amberley-books.com or visit the publisher’s website www.amberley-books.com.