A REDDITCH man has received a police caution ans his dog is to be destroyed after the animal attacked another dog, leaving it with near fatal injuries.

The dog, which at the time was suspected of being a banned pitbull, attacked a lurcher on the B&Q car park in Jinnah Road, Smallwood, Redditch, on Thursday, January 20.

The lurcher sustained damage to its stomach lining and a ripped artery.

The dog which attacked it was seized by police, and upon examination turned out to be a rottweiler/Staffordshire bull terrier cross.

PC Daniel Icke of West Mercia Police said: “Police arrived to find a horrifying scene, with chunks of flesh and a large pool of blood.

“The lurcher had a very serious leg injury, and survived only because a witness to the attack called a friend who is a veterinary nurse and she was quickly on the scene to help.

“The dog was taken immediately to a vet, and after extensive treatment is now recovering.”

On Monday, January 31, the owner of the rottweiler/bull terrier cross, a 22-year-old Redditch man, was arrested by police and given a caution for allowing a dog to be dangerously out of control. The dog is now going to be destroyed.