MORE than 50 people met in Redditch recently to hear about the latest trend in community action - the Transition Town (TT) movement.

Dining on a local food buffet at the Ecumenical Centre, those attending Redditch in Transition came from a variety of backgrounds, including church groups, environmentalists, students, teachers, the unemployed, the retired, community activists and town councillors.

James Pavitt from Stratford, which has achieved TT status, spoke enthusiastically about some of the exciting projects which they have set up.

Hugh Bennett from Redditch Council entertained with a “Bureaucrat’s View”, explaining how the borough and county councils are increasing energy efficiency and was optimistic about the borough’s achievements to date. He also reminded those present about the Boomerang shop where unwanted goods are sold for a modest sum.

Maud Grainger, representing the Eco-congregation organisation informed the meeting about how churches can contribute to the process of obtaining TT status. She described innovations in various Birmingham churches and the wider faith-based community, including regular ‘swap shops’.

During question time the opportunity was taken to highlight Redditch Freegle, formerly Freecycle, an online forum for keeping unwanted belongings out of landfill.

A spokesman said: “Guests were enthused by what they heard and many have signed up to be involved in aspects of moving Redditch forward towards becoming a TT.”

Local apple and pear juice was on sale to raise funds for Friends of the Earth Hungary, which has been working with communities affected by a recent chemical spill in Hungary.

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