Six of the best gadgets and gizmos on a theme. This week: six of the best electric bikes.

By Peter Jenkinson

Going green by making the morning commute on your cycle is admirable, but it's far from ideal if you end up at the office expended of energy and looking like you've just done an aerobics class fully suited.

Take away some of the strain with an electric cycle: use the pedals to conserve battery power on the easy parts, then let the battery kick in when the gradient starts getting tougher.

You don't need a licence, MOT or insurance to ride an electric bike, but you must be at least 14 years old - and you can't modify them to run beyond their 15mph legal road limit.

Light cycle - Cannondale Capo - £1,650 at, see for more details While single-speed bikes mean you can avoid changing gear and get on with the business of travelling from A to B, the downside is that they're tough uphill.

Just press the button on this cycle and it'll offer you that extra gear you need to tackle the incline. It also performs speedily on the level ground in manual mode as it weighs in at just under 14 kilos - making it reputedly the lightest electric model available.

Compact commuter - IZIP Via Mezza Enlightened - £1,095 from With a range of up to 25 miles on a full charge, you could get to the office, plug it in and be ready for a relaxing ride home.

For those who live or work a fair way from the train station, you can fold this one up as you jump onboard and use it at the other end for that final furlong - avoiding bus queues, yes, but perhaps not the envious glances of others.

Long-range rider - Urban Mover UM44S Usprite - £1,149.00 from Taking full advantage of the latest developments in battery technology, this hybrid bike is able to achieve distances of almost 50 miles from a single charging session, making it an ideal choice for a weekend touring bike.

It has seven gears operated via the thumb switch, so you can select the perfect one to work alongside the motor for maximum range while you soak up the sights.

Off-road action - Ultra Motors A2B Metro - £1,998.00 from Billed as the ultimate electric bike, this is powered up by using the throttle for easy acceleration and, with a flick of the "off-road" switch, can travel at 20mph away from the public highways.

Assisted by heavy-duty tyres, this stylish ride can travel a decent 20 miles without you needing to pedal.

City shopper - Powabyke X-6 LS - £829.00 see for stockists Featuring the favoured twist-throttle electric power introduction, this bike is well-suited for nipping around and popping about, with its healthy range of up to 25 miles between charges.

It has six gears, should you feel the need to exert yourself, but really, why bother? A kick-down stand and step-through frame really make this bike a breeze to use throughout the day.

Form of the future - Gocycle - £1,198.00 from This futuristic-looking bike is moulded from a lightweight magnesium alloy, making it very easy on the eye and - as is important for a folding bike - simple to carry around.

A single-button system on the handlebars gets you to top speed in no time and, with all the electric motor components hidden inside the front fork, everyone will be impressed by your ability.