ESCALATING dental treatment prices in England forced a Redditch man to face his fears and take to the skies to get the help he needed.

Richard Woolley, 62, had post crowns for several years but was getting increasingly fed up with the constant problems and having to have them replaced. He tried dentures but they started to cause problems as they became loose and kept dropping down.

His NHS dentist couldn’t offer a better solution so Richard started to explore other options but was put off by the price of a private consultation, which was up to £180.

He then spotted a newspaper article about dental tourism in Budapest and did some research. From the beginning he was impressed by Smile Savers. The consultation fee was far less than in England which immediately put his mind at ease. The only problem was that in his 62 years, he had never flown.

His determination to solve his problems helped him ovecome his flying worries and he was soon in the skies and on his way to Budapest.

He was collected from the airport and despite spending four-and-a-half hours in the dental chair on the first day, he was impressed with the clinic and his the treatment.

The clinic discovered he had abbesses that his NHS dentist has missed the week before so he also had to have root canal treatment.

A Smile Savers spokes-man said: “After his second trip Richard’s teeth looked much better, his confidence has shot up and his daughter soon noticed his whole face had lifted. He’s not frightened of smiling and he’s not frightened of flying.”

Richard received two implants, bridging, crowns and root canal treatment and saved £15,000 on how much he would have paid in England.