POLICE in Hagley and Rubery are cracking down on off-road bikes being ridden illegally.

Officers are aware of concerns regarding the bikes being used in an anti-social manner on housing estates and local beauty spots, including on the Cofton Park estate.

They have received multiple calls from the Cofton Hackett and Rubery area due to the concerns over "recklessness", and the danger that these illegal bikes may cause to the local community.

Officers recently seized two off-road bikes – one in Cofton and one in Rubery - and are keen to hear from anyone who may have witnessed similar incidents.

Police Constable Maxine Unitt, of Hagley and Rubery SNT, said: “Our team have been working tirelessly with the public and partner agencies to attempt to tackle the issue of off-road bikes.

“We have some success seizing a couple of bikes we need the public to be our eyes and ears on the ground to get more results.

“The newer housing development at Cofton Park has been identified as one of the hot spots for this anti-social behaviour.

“On Wednesday, we attended a property with housing and three community protection warnings were issued on the residents.

“The occupants were explained the process of CPWs, and what our expectations were regarding their behaviour going forward. Housing officers also explained the consequences of what ongoing ASB can have on someone’s tenancy.

“We would also encourage anyone who is aware of individuals illegally riding these off-road bikes to contact us on 101 in a non-emergency, 999 in an emergency, and reports can also be made online through the website or email our team on: hr.snt@westmercia.police.uk.”