A "perfect" handcrafted liqueur from Alcester has been named the world's best. 

Aristocratic entrepreneurs are toasting the latest international success for St Maur elderflower liqueur after it was named the world's best floral liqueur. 

The drink was described by judges as "close to perfection" at The World Liqueur Awards on its way to beating tough competition from entries across Europe, North and South America and New Zealand. 

The award also becomes the latest in a collection of prestigious industry accolades for the drink, which has been personally handcrafted by its proud founders William and Kelsey Seymour, Earl and Countess of Yarmouth, since 2020. 

Redditch Advertiser: The Spirit of St MaurThe Spirit of St Maur (Image: St Maur)

Chairman of the World Liqueur Awards Tobias Gorn, a drinks consultant specialist, critic and writer, said: "As the chairman of the World Liqueur Awards, the biggest liqueur specialist competition globally, I would like to specially congratulate one specific entry.

"St Maur has won some big accolades before but being the best according to our judges at the World Liqueur Awards is indeed an outstanding achievement but not a surprise.

"We have tasted St Maur before in different scenarios and it was very hard to advise what could make it better. It is a top product with a lovely personal story behind it. It is an outstanding drink that is memorable, versatile and close to perfection."

The competition celebrates the very best in the global drinks industry for taste, design and excellence. 

The  judges were made up of a panel of highly respected and experienced experts in the spirits industry and they said: "Elderflower notes and a pink champagne hue greet the senses leading to a warm palate with a dry finish that transitions into a delightful sweetness."

Redditch Advertiser: Earl of Yarmouth William Seymour picking elderflowerEarl of Yarmouth William Seymour picking elderflower (Image: St Maur)

St Maur was first produced for guests on the couple's wedding day at William Seymour's family home Ragley Hall. 

The wild blossoms used to make St Maur are hand-picked by the couple and their friends and family in the shadow of trees which grew when the Earl's ancestors were young. 

The map coordinates on the logo lead to Ladies Wood and an elder grove in the ancient Ragley Woodlands, now cared for by the couple. 

Redditch Advertiser: William SeymourWilliam Seymour (Image: St Maur)

William Seymour said: "To win world’s best in the floral liqueur category at the World Drinks Awards is a significant achievement, particularly for a hand-crafted artisanal drink like ours. This is a prestigious award, and one of the most prestigious we have won with St Maur.

"The best accolade for us will always be the reaction people have when they taste St Maur. This latest award is an extension of that, this time with drinks experts and professionals from around the world doing the tasting.

"St Maur started out as a drink Kelsey and I served to our guests on our wedding day. Now, only a few years later, St Maur is recognised as one of the world’s best liqueurs and the best in our category as well as our country. We are very proud of that but it’s really just the start of the story for us."

To find out more about St Maur visit https://drinkstmaur.com/