A road is set to be closed for six weeks as repair work gets underway on a former railway bridge. 

Residents in Redditch and Studley have been given advance notice of the closure of Green Lane at the end of this month to carry out the work on Green Lane Bridge. 

The road was closed for a short period earlier this year for emergency works which were necessary before full repairs could be made. 

The next phase of the work will take "significantly longer" as the brickwork and pathways are repaired. 

Simon Parry, interim head of environmental services at Redditch Borough Council, said: "We apologise for any inconvenience caused by the road closure, but it is essential for the safety of local residents.

"Our contractors will of course endeavour to complete the work as quickly as possible, but due to the age of the masonry and the structure, it is vital that it is done properly to ensure its longevity going forward.

"We thank the road users and residents for their patience during this time."

The road will be under a 24/7 closure from Tuesday, May 28. 

A diversion route will be in place via Brickyard Lane and there will be no access to the cycle track over the top of Green Lane Bridge whilst the work is underway. 

It is estimated to take around six weeks to conduct the delicate repairs, but the council has said this depends on what contractors discover when the work begins. 

Scaffolding will be erected on the bridge for the duration of the works with residents being advised to stay away from the bridge for safety. 

Whilst the site is in Studley and classed as Warwickshire, Redditch Borough Council contractors Kelbec will be completing the repair works.

The bridge technically falls under Stratford District, but Redditch Borough Council owns it owing to a quirk of the new town expansion of Redditch in the last century.

Councillor for Studley North Peter Hencher-Serafin said: "It will be good to have repairs and maintenance done on this Railway Bridge as it is a part of History. It's a lovely walk over and a national cycleway enjoyed by many people.

"As the bridge is in my ward, I will be visiting the work ongoing as a matter of interest and keep people updated."

Redditch Borough Council have worked closely with both Warwickshire County Council and Stratford District Council on this project, with numerous plans discussed at each of the authorities' Planning Committees.