A POLICE dog has been praised after finding a weapon discarded by a suspected robber in Redditch.

West Mercia Police Dogs shared a post on X, formerly Twitter, about the good work of PD Alvin.

It follows a street robbery incident earlier this week, where a suspect was arrested after trying to evade officers.

West Mercia Police Dogs posted: "After a report of a street robbery in Redditch this week, PD Alvin was hot on the heels of the suspects quickly finding a weapon they discarded.

"Working with NPAS Midlands and Patrol officers, a suspect was arrested after being found trying to hide from police".

People on X shared their support for the police dog.

Jennifer Ashlin said: "Well done Team Alvin and everyone."

Zoe Price said: "Excellent work Alvin. Handsome and clever. And probably a bit scary too."

Another user said: "He is a very good boy".