A renowned car manufacturer has visited a stately home to showcase three of its classic and contemporary vehicles.

The Morris Commercial team drove through the gates of Ragley Estate Park and up to Ragley Hall in a line-up consisting of an original J-Type from 1949, and two modern, electric interpretations of the J-Type, referred to as the Morris JE.

The models, currently in development just outside of Evesham, presented a fresh take on the heritage brand.



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Like its automotive counterpart, the estate has developed new methods of ensuring its preservation for future generations while retaining its heritage.

The estate is well-known for the Palladian Ragley Hall, which is situated in the heart of 5,500 acres of land, and renowned for hosting and entertaining.

It hosts a variety of events from May to September, and also has a busy calendar of private gatherings, weddings and parties that fill its grand rooms and gardens throughout the year.

Its business model also includes an estate farm, retail butcher, woodland and property businesses.

Morris is a start-up automotive engineering and manufacturing company restoring the historic 'Morris Commercial' with innovative technology and zero-emission, newly engineered vehicles.

The manufacturer aims to bring its nostalgic British design into the 21st century, advocating for a sustainable future.

The Morris vehicles' visit was recorded by the Fully Charged Show on YouTube, where presenter Jack Scarlett test-drove the new JE Type across the estate's roads.

The footage captured showcased the vehicles' potential usage, including the delivery of wedding flowers from a florist, White Ivy Flowers and logs for Ragley’s holiday property wood burner, both of which have a low carbon footprint as a result of being delivered by an electric vehicle.

For further information, visit the Ragley Estate (www.ragley.co.uk) and Morris Commercial (www.morris-commercial.com) websites.