A Redditch couple have opened a brand-new gym which is already proving a "big hit" with fitness enthusiasts. 

Matt Gwillam and Lindsey Faulkner launched Evolve Performance Gym in November at a site on Heming Road in the aim of catering for smaller groups and providing a more personalised service. 

Mr Gwillam, who has worked as a personal trainer since leaving school, said: "I've done a lot of one-to-one sessions and larger groups, say ten to 20 people, but I think smaller groups of four of five provide all the social and team benefits of a larger session with much more individual attention. It also comes without the cost of a one-to-one. 

"Our clients seem to find the same thing. They feel they're getting a lot more out of it.

"I was always an athlete at school, but when I suffered some injuries I really saw the impact a good physio and trainer can have. It became my dream to become a personal trainer and this is the next step, running our own place."

His wife, Lindsey Faulkner, who handles the paperwork and administration side of the business, is an experienced property lawyer and worked closely with the team at John Truslove to find the right premises. 

She said: "It only took us two months. I really got on with James Haynes, the apprentice surveyor at John Trulove. He was really helpful and always made himself available. 

"We'd looked at one set of premises but that fell through. James suggested a unit at Heming Road which had just become free. 

"It was a much better fit for us, the price was better and the landlord, Phil Dutton, was really good to work with." 

The couple managed to seal a three-year lease deal at £7,800 per year for the 555 sq ft of space and now offer one-to-one, paired and small group training at the site. 

Ms Faulkner said: "We've had a great response which is keeping Matt busy. We've also launched a presence on Facebook and Instagram so people can see how Matt runs his sessions and the results our clients achieve." 

James Haynes of John Truslove added: "Lindsey and Matt make a good team, they had a clear idea of how they needed their premises to work for them.

"They also understand the benefits of a good relationship with their landlord. They are just the sort of tenants we enjoy working with and we are delighted that they are doing so well.

"Bringing together the right tenants and the right landlords, with the right premises, is the key to what we do here at John Truslove."