Crowds of people gathered at Kingfisher Shopping Centre on Saturday as a huge Star Wars event returned to Redditch. 

Photos have captured the hundreds of stalls displaying toys and memorabilia from the franchise as well as enthusiastic fans dressed in cosplay. 

Echo Base LIVE came to Redditch on Saturday (April 13) and is one of the biggest collectable events in Europe attracting fans from far and wide including Spain, Germany, Norway, Sweden and the USA. 

Redditch Advertiser: There was a parade organised around the centre There was a parade organised around the centre (Image: NQ)

There were also a number of special guest signers from the films that were available on the day. 

This included Bafta-nominated actor Denis Lawson who has played Wedge Antilles in Star Wars and was available for photographs.

Redditch Advertiser: Hundreds of people attended the event Hundreds of people attended the event (Image: Kingfisher Shopping Centre)

General Manager at the Kingfisher Shopping Centre, Adrian Field, said: "The Echo Base event is huge for the Centre and attracts a lot of people whether they are fans or not.

"We wanted to embrace their presence by forming a parade all around the Centre to help put a smile on people’s faces and for those keen on dressing up to get involved."