One of the biggest Star Wars conventions in Europe took over the Kingfisher Shopping Centre yesterday. 

Echo Base LIVE made a triumphant return to Redditch and gave fans of the franchise an unforgettable day.

From Darth Vader being spotted trying out prams to Jedi posing for photos outside Waterstones, visitors and businesses alike got involved in the action. 

Redditch Advertiser: Star Wars characters outside Waterstones Star Wars characters outside Waterstones (Image: Kingfisher Shopping Centre)

General Manager at the Kingfisher Shopping Centre, Adrian Field, said: "It was a wonderful day, busy and with a great atmosphere all day.

"It really helps to raise the profile of Redditch by having the best Star Wars event in the country come to town and we are very proud to host it.

"The businesses get involved as well with some running offers and special drinks with a Star Wars theme. Where else can you see Darth Vader trying out prams at our new independent baby shop?"

Redditch Advertiser: There were more than 220 stalls There were more than 220 stalls (Image: Kingfisher Shopping Centre)

The collectable event was held on Saturday (April 13) and was free entry for all visitors with more than 220 stalls. 

There was a variety of vintage and modern collectable items on display from toys and figures to art and books with one collectable valued at a whopping £150k.

Redditch Advertiser: One item was worth £150,000One item was worth £150,000 (Image: NQ)

There were also a number of visitors parading the centre dressed as their favourite Star Wars characters and special guest signers available on the day. 

The guest signers included Julian Glover (General Veers), Denis Lawson (Wedge Antilles), Chris Parsons (K-3PO), Richard Oldfield (Derek (Habbie) Kivian), David Stone (X-Wing Plot), Jack Mckenzie (Cal Alder), Paul Jerricho (AT-AT Driver), Stephanie English (Hoth Rebel Technician), John Mogridge (Snowtrooper), Alan Austen (Snowtrooper). 

Redditch Advertiser: Visitors came dressed in cosplay Visitors came dressed in cosplay (Image: NQ)

Following the event, residents took to social media to share their excitement and praise the Kingfisher Centre for hosting the event. 

One resident Sheila Coffman Webb said: "The town was buzzing. I think that was probably the best turnout for this event. Lots of people all dressed up."

Gareth Charley said: "It was another awesome event. Thanks Redditch."

Star Wars superfan and longtime collector, Gus Lopez, also took to Facebook to share his thoughts about the day. 

In a post, he said: "Probably the very best Star Wars toy show I have seen in a decade. Loads of incredible vintage items."