Train operators issued almost 100 fines yesterday in a crackdown on ticket evasion. 

West Midlands Railway alongside Avanti West Coast, Chiltern Railway, Cross Country, London Northwestern Railway and Transport for Wales Rail (TFWR) carried out a revenue block at Wolverhampton. 

The exercise yesterday (Friday, April 12) was designed to help rail companies crackdown on fare evasion across local networks.

Combined across all five train operating companies 92 penalty fares were issued, 50 prosecution reports were made and 20 travel irregularity reports were made. 

West Midlands Railway said it is working hard to crackdown on fare evasion with regular intelligence led revenue checks.

It is also working closely with colleagues at British Transport Police West Midlands and West Midlands Rail Executive. 

A spokesperson for West Midlands Rail said: “This joint exercise allowed us to cooperate to crack down on fare evasion across our networks.

“We work hard to crack down on fare evasion, with regular intelligence led revenue checks as well as working alongside our colleagues at British Transport Police  and West Midlands Rail Executive. 

“If caught without a ticket, you may be liable to a Penalty Fare of up to £100, or prosecution.

“To the vast majority of customers who always purchase a ticket before boarding, thank you.

“To the small minority of customers evading your fares, you’ll never know where we might be next.”​