PLANS to convert a residential property into a children's home in Hollywood have been approved. 

The application, which was submitted by Anjum Design Ltd, will see the property at 135 Shawhurst Lane converted into accommodation for up to three vulnerable children aged between eight and 18 years old. 

The four-bedroom end terrace house would also have two adult carers with one on night wake duty meaning they will not require accommodation. 

According to the application, the home and its use will not be open to the public and it will operate as a private facility with referrals from local councils. 

The planning statement added: "The national shortage of children’s homes and suitable accommodation has been well documented in recent years.

"Various sources have quoted on what is a national crisis where the most vulnerable in society ‘continue to be put at risk’.

"The proposal will not be harmful to the character of the area, highway safety or the free flow of traffic, or residential amenity." 

The plans have previously raised concerns amongst residents in the area who were worried about traffic and parking, noise and the impact on the character of neighbouring homes. 

Resident Matthew Payne said: "There is insufficient parking available at the property to accommodate proposed levels of staff and this would add to already challenging traffic conditions particularly at busy times such as the beginning and end of the school day.

"There are also concerns over the increase in noise and other anti-social behaviour."

Resident Theresa Freeth added: "The noise, worry, distress and disruption to the residents living next door could at times be unbearable."

The plans were approved on Wednesday, April 10. 

In the decision notice, the head of planning, regeneration and leisure services, Ruth Bamford, said: "The premises shall only be used as a residential care home for children, with a maximum of 3 children in residence at any one time and shall be between 8 and 18 years when first placed in care at the premises, and for no other purpose.

"The Development hereby permitted shall not be first occupied until 2 sheltered, safe, secure and accessible cycle parking spaces to comply with the Council's adopted highway design guide have been provided and thereafter the approved cycle parking shall be kept available for the parking of bicycles only."