A Redditch mum is stressed and exhausted after being left with no heating or hot water for almost two months. 

Chloe Welsh, aged 25, said her flat on South Street has had no hot water since January with her two-year-old daughter getting ill from the cold. 

The mum-of-one said her housing provider, Sanctuary Housing, came out on January 15 and found her pipes needed flushing as she could only get lukewarm water. 

By January 30, the heating had stopped working and there was no hot water coming out of the taps. 

Despite contacting Sanctuary Housing a number of times, Ms Welsh has been left filling up kettles to give her daughter a bath and forced to use an electric heater which only keeps one room warm. 

Ms Welsh, who works at a garden centre, said: "This has been going since January 15 which is almost two months now and it is just getting out of hand. 

"It isn't just about the hot water not working, but it's the petrol money, the time off work waiting for repairs and the electricity costs. I am under so much stress both emotionally and financially and nothing is being done. 

"Sanctuary Housing has apologised and fitted an electric shower this week, but it took them 10 weeks to even think of doing that for us. It is not acceptable and my daughter has had colds and been ill as it is freezing in the flat especially in the morning."

Ms Welsh has lived at the property since 2021 and this is not the first time she has faced delays with repairs. 

She also said when Sanctuary Housing sends people out to look at the problem they do not give a specific time. 

This has forced her to take time off work which has added to the financial pressure she has been under over the past couple of months. 

She said: "I'm just exhausted and drained. It's a joke. I just have no words for them even though I've argued this is an emergency repair. They haven't even offered to put us up in a hotel. 

"I've asked them to reimburse my costs as bills soon mount up and they've said we are all in a crisis. 

"Three months is long enough and I just want my flat fixed. It's really stressful and I don't know what else to do."

In response, a spokesperson for Sanctuary Housing said: "We are committed to completing the required repairs as soon as possible and are sorry that it has taken longer than it should have done to resolve this issue.

"We have offered the family the option of a temporary move until the repairs are completed and having also provided portable heaters for them to use, we have reassured them we will cover the cost of any extra energy used."

The housing provider said it has also issued an apology directly to the tenant.