The council has issued a final call for residents to sign up for virtual parking permits. 

Redditch Borough Council will be implementing a brand-new virtual permit system for residential and visitor parking areas across the town from April 1. 

Residents need to sign up with enough time for the permits to be processed before the changeover. 

Over 200 resident permits and 130 visitor permits have already been authorised and are ready to go but the council is urging anyone who hasn’t yet applied to do so.

Resident Parking Permits only affect a small number of locations within the borough, but it is important that any residents who require a permit are set up on the new virtual system ahead of April. Parking schemes are in place on:

  • Archer Road
  • Beaufort Street
  • Grove Street
  • Other Road (part)
  • Prospect Hill
  • South Street
  • Station Way

The Smallwood group which includes:

  • Lodge Road
  • Marsden Road
  • Millsborough Road
  • Mount Street
  • Summer Street
  • Union Street

The new permit system means that residents who need a permit for themselves or visitors to park outside or near their homes will no longer receive physical permits to display in their vehicles.

All permits will now be virtual through MiPermit.

This innovative change aims to enhance convenience, reduce costs, and promote sustainability for residents, eliminating the need for paper forms and allowing residents easy management of their permits directly from a smartphone or computer.

Residents who need additional help to do this and have not already attended one of the council’s drop-in sessions are advised to contact MiPermit on 0345 520 7007.

All current parking permits will expire on March 31 but any physical permits with an expiry date of March 31 will still need to be displayed in the vehicle until April 1. 

For more information visit the parking section of the council website at