Warwickshire Search and Rescue has announced its latest annual recruitment drive will be launched in June.

The community charity are seeking new members, with a recruit selection event taking place on Saturday, June 15.

As part of the wider Lowland Rescue service, which is routinely deployed by the police for high-profile missing person searches, the charity operates to national standards, in efforts to ensure maximum co-operation with emergency services.



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Potential recruits must first qualify as search technicians before active deployment, a process that takes approximately nine to 12 months.

Those flourishing in the role may have the chance to move into other roles, such as water search specialist, dog handler, drone operator, medical first responder, team leader, search planner, among others.

Position requirements outline that candidates must be above 18 years of age, possess good physical health and eyesight, and a full UK driving licence with their own transport.

Furthermore, due to the task's nature, passing a police vetting check is mandatory for all successful candidates.

Skills important for the job, such as outdoor skills, can be taught during training.

During the selection event, applicants will be expected to show strong judgement, mental resilience, a positive attitude, physical fitness and teamwork.

Although the charity naturally gravitates towards taking on current and former emergency service and armed forces members, the team is particularly keen to welcome candidates from a variety of backgrounds.

The charity also wants to speak to people who can be dispatched when others might not, such as shift workers, retired or semi-retired people and the self-employed.

For those interested in applying, further information can be accessed via the charity's website (www.warksar.org.uk/join-us/), Facebook (www.facebook.com/warksar/), LinkedIn (www.linkedin.com/warksar) or Instagram (www.instagram.com/warksar) pages.