A DOG walker captured the "mesmerising" moment when thousands of starlings flew over the town centre.

A murmuration of starlings appeared in the Redditch skies last week, with people calling the display "beautiful" and "wonderful."

On Valentine's Day, Jason Walker shared photos of the display on the Spotted Redditch Facebook page and said: "Whilst walking my dog the murmuration of starlings over town centre tonight".

The Wildlife Trusts says that during the winter months, large numbers of starlings visit Britain from the continent, seeking out the relative warmth of the island climate.

On its website, the charity says: "As dusk arrives, the starlings set off for their communal roost in one of the most staggering natural spectacles of all.

"Flocks arrive from all directions, gathering in the skies above their roost sites.

"As the numbers reach into the tens and hundreds of thousands, the ‘murmurations’ (the name for a flying flock of starlings) take on incredible shapes in the sky, contracting and expanding as one flock merges into another, and taking on a life of their own; swirling back and forth in ever more complex and beautiful patterns".