The penultimate special episode of The Grand Tour is set to release soon on Amazon Prime Video, which will see Jeremy Clarkson, James May and Richard Hammond off on another adventure.

Titled 'Sand Job' the episode's synopsis states: "In the remote African country of Mauritania, our trio follow in the footsteps of the legendary Paris-Dakar rally.

“Instead of bespoke Dakar racers, the boys must complete their journey in cheap modified sports cars.

"Their journey begins with the world’s longest train and sees them tackle the killer Sahara and perilous river crossings, whilst protecting their precious fuel bowser from exploding.”

When will The Grand Tour: Sand Job be released in the UK?

The Grand Tour: Sand Job is set to release on Amazon Prime Video in the UK on Friday, February 16.

The programme officially aired its last series in 2021 but has been followed by two specials, with 'A Scandi Flick' released in September 2022 and Eurocrash coming out last year in June 2023.

Its fifth and final special recently wrapped in Zimbabwe and is set to be released sometime in 2025, as reported by Variety.

Jeremy Clarkson recently discussed with The Times on why he thought it was a good time to end the show, saying: “I’ve driven cars higher than anyone else and further north than anyone else.

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"We’ve done everything you can do with a car. When we had meetings about what to do next, people just threw their arms in the air.”

The Grand Tour premiered back in November 2016 having been conceived in the wake of Clarkson, May and Hammond departing from Top Gear on the BBC.

It followed a similar format to Top Gear with a focus on car reviews, challenges, races and studio segments.