Residents across Redditch are being invited to share their stories and connections to the famous mosaic artworks in the Kingfisher Shopping Centre. 

As part of the Midlands Mosaics project, researchers from the University of Birmingham are giving art lovers the chance to talk about their personal relationships to the Paolozzi Mosaic artworks in a series of workshops. 

At Redditch Library on Friday (February 16) from 12am until 4pm, visitors will be able to immerse themselves in remembering stories connected to the mosaics whilst having the opportunity to take part in activities such as badge-making and colouring pages inspired by the work. 

A second workshop will take place on Saturday, February 24, from 11am until 3pm outside The Range, Coffee #1 and Next in the Kingfisher Shopping Centre where residents can be interviewed about the mosaics to make content for the newly reimagined Midlands Mosaics website. 

Leader of Redditch Borough Council, Matt Dormer, said: "The Paolozzi Mosaics are well known by Redditch residents and many have a connection to them in some way. 

"This project's goal to increase our understanding of the artwork through conversations with local people is a wonderful opportunity to reminisce about how the town has changed and grown over the 40 years since the mosaics were installed." 

The vibrant pieces spark the perfect opportunity to explore the colourful associations of Redditch, as the workshops aim to contribute to the newly launched Colours of Redditch project by Reimagine Redditch.

This project will aim to create a colour palette that represents Redditch through different forms of consultation including the Midlands Mosaics workshops. 

Councillor Dormer added: "Midlands Mosaics along with its link to the Reimagine Redditch project shows the importance of the town as a cultural destination in the Midlands. 

"Our desire to continually learn more about the history of our town is reflected in this project giving residents the opportunity to take a trip down memory lane and get creative." 

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