West Mercia Police is set to receive a huge multi-million-pound funding boost to cut crime and keep people safe. 

The MP for Redditch and the Villages, Rachel Maclean, has welcomed the £298 million in police funding which is an increase of £18.5 million on last year. 

The funding is part of a total of £843 million to better protect the public and make sure crime is effectively tackled by police in Redditch. 

Ms Maclean said: "With police officer numbers at their highest level on record and with Redditch getting a brand-new Blue Light Hub, our commitment to protecting my constituents is crystal clear. 

"A top priority for me is keeping Redditch and the Villages safe and this funding boost will help our brave officers to make our streets and roads safer and cut crime." 

The new funding is a 30.7% rise in cash terms compared to 2019 to 2020. 

It follows the introduction of five new pieces of legislation to keep the streets safe, ensure criminals are locked up for longer, victims are protected, police and intelligence services can have further powers to protect the public and to deliver the government's promise to clamp down on crime.