The MP for Redditch and the Villages has welcomed recent government cuts to National Insurance contributions. 

MP Rachel Maclean said the tax cut, which was introduced on Saturday (January 6), could save residents around £450 a year on average with National Insurance contributions falling from 12 per cent to 10 per cent. 

She added that the tax cuts mean a family with two earners on the average income will be £900 better off a year whilst a typical police officer will receive an annual gain of more than £630. 

The government also said it will cut National Insurance for the self-employed later this year, which is estimated to save them an average of £340 a year. 

MP Rachel Maclean said: "As a tax-cutting Conservative, I'm proud to have voted for a tax cut for thousands of my hardworking constituents. 

"Our tax cuts mean people get to keep more of their hard-earned money ensuring work always pays under a Conservative government. 

"That's in stark contrast to the Labour Party who want to borrow an extra £28 billion and they'll pay for it by raising your taxes." 

Despite the latest move, Labour has called the tax cuts a "raw deal" and argued that people are still facing the burden of high taxes. 

Shadow chancellor, Rachel Reeves, said: “Never have people paid so much in tax and got so little in return in the form of public services.

“This is the year of choice, the year the British people will give their verdict on Rishi Sunak and 14 years of Conservative government.”