AMBULANCE bosses have warned the public about the dangers of driving through flooded roads after ambulance crews were called to treat five patients from four separate incidents yesterday afternoon and evening (Monday January 2).

Luckily only one person required hospital treatment after the incidents in Birmingham, Staffordshire and Worcestershire.

Beb Pallante, WMAS hazardous area response team manager, said: “The first thing to do in heavy rain is consider whether you actually need to be out driving.

“If it is necessary than the simple advice is that you should not drive into flood water that’s more than 10cm (4 inches) deep.

“You should be particularly careful when using fords during heavy rain, such as we have seen in the last couple of days, as they can become very dangerous. Fast-moving water is very powerful and can quickly sweep your car off the road in depths of only 30cm!

“Also, remember that the Highway Code states that stopping distances will be at least double in wet weather, because your tyres will have less grip on the road.

“If you can't avoid driving through water, do so slowly, but if possible find an alternative route.”