The Kingfisher Centre has urged Redditch residents to explore its special anniversary exhibition before it closes for good. 

The popular shopping complex celebrated its 50th anniversary this year by creating the 'Kingfishtory' exhibition to highlight the pinnacle moments in the centre's history and the famous faces that have walked through the doors. 

The exhibition is filled with archive photos, old TV adverts, memorabilia and quizzes all curated and designed by the centre's management team. 

General manager at the Kingfisher Centre, Adrian Field, said: "We have been delighted both with the number of people who have been into the exhibition in the last three months and also the feedback from those who have visited. 

"So many people have had links to the centre whether it's as a worker, shopper or even where they met their partner. It has been a real pleasure to listen and read about some of the stories people have had."

The event has already been very popular with the local community and has even hosted a full year group visit from Holyoakes Field First School. 

The exhibition is open from 10am until 4pm until the end of the year and is located on Walford Walk opposite Clintons. 

Visitors are also invited to share their own personal memories at Kingfisher on the 'Share Your Memory' board. 

After 'Kingfishtory' closes at the end of December, the HMS Kingfisher display will continue to be exhibited within the centre and the renowned small palm trees will also be relocated for visitors to enjoy. 

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