A REDDITCH mental health and suicide prevention charity has secured a vital £15,000 grant.

Based in the Kingfisher Shopping Centre, AHead of Wellbeing's dedicated volunteers provide mental health treatment, as well as support for victims of domestic abuse 7 days-a-week.

AHead of Wellbeing is also a safe space for domestic abuse victims and delivers the Freedom programme.

The charity also works with people who are contemplating suicide. By being open 7 days-a-week and by providing walk-in emergency help, AHead of Wellbeing has prevented people from ending their lives.

Redditch MP Rachel Maclean has been supporting AHead of Wellbeing and has been working hard to help secure vital funding for the charity.

Following Rachel’s intervention and working with the leader of Worcestershire County Council Councillor Simon Geraghty and Dr Lisa McNally, Director of Public Health in Worcestershire, a £15,000 public health grant has been secured for AHead of Wellbeing to support the charity’s vital work.

Mrs Maclean said: “I’ve remained in close contact with Brenda following my visit to AHead of Wellbeing earlier this year.

“My team and I have been working hard to help Brenda secure vital funding to ensure the charity can continue to provide the life-saving services which many residents rely on.

“I’m thrilled that, following a visit from the Director of Public Health for Worcestershire, AHead of Wellbeing will be receiving public health grant funding.

“I will continue to work with Brenda to ensure the charity can continue to provide these services for Redditch long into the future.”

Brenda Morrison-Webb, Director of Ahead of Wellbeing, added: “This grant from the county council after a visit from Dr McNally, Public Health England, allows us to continue to deliver our walk-in support hub.

“I am personally extremely grateful for the consistent and tenacious support from Rachel, as are our clients and volunteers. Thank you."